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                                          Company:Jiangsu shenghua electric co.,Ltd.
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                                            Enterprise Introduction

                                              一、Overview of Enterprises
                                              Jiangsu Shenghua Electric Co., Ltd.Founded in 2007 (former Jiangdu Shenghua High Voltage Electrical Equipment Factory), the company is located in Wujian Town Industrial Park, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 11,145 square meters, with registered capital of 51 million yuan. It is a professional manufacturer of high voltage test equipment, which integrates scientific research, production, sales and service. It is also a state-level high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on research, development and manufacturing in the field of high voltage testing. The company has 125 employees, 39 major engineers and technicians, 15 external experts and professors and their professional technical consultants. It has strong ability of technology research and development and scientific and technological innovation.
                                              After more than 20 years of development, Shenghua Electric has become a professional manufacturer of high voltage test equipment in China. The company is a member of the National University Science Park of North China Electric Power University, Yuntaiping, China Electric Power Company, and a member of the Jiangdu High Voltage Industry Association of Yangzhou City. For seven consecutive years, the company won the award of "Jiangsu Province’s Enterprise of Respecting Contract and Keeping Credit", and passed the confirmation of three-level enterprises of Yangzhou Laboratory and Safety Production Standardization.
                                              The quality of Shenghua TV products is the cornerstone of the company’s development. In 2004, the company passed the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and ISO 9001:2008 version change certification in 2016. In the past 13 years, the company has strictly complied with the requirements of ISO 9001 quality system, guaranteed the stable and reliable operation of customer equipment products, and has been recognized by the industry. And since 2013, it has obtained the certificate of metrology assurance, grasped every barrier of product manufacturing, and established the independent brand of Shenghua Yongrui.
                                              二、Scientific Research Ability
                                              "Independent research and development, independent design, independent innovation" is our scientific research policy. The company has established Yangzhou High Voltage Intelligent Test System Engineering Technology Center and Yangzhou Enterprise Technology Center successively. The center is equipped with precision dielectric loss and oil cup temperature controller, micro-moisture meter, frequency conversion power supply, partial discharge detector, DC resistance tester, transformer ratio tester, DC resistance tester and digital. Multifunctional AC/DC peak voltmeter and other test equipment, the existing test conditions fully meet the production of various ultra-high test equipment and special transformers.
                                             The company has established long-term friendly cooperation and close cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University, Beijing Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Computer aided design software CAD is used in product design and research, and optimization computer program compiled by finite element method is used in product electromagnetic calculation. Optimal design scheme is selected, product structure is optimized and design cycle is shortened. The product level of enterprises has reached the international advanced level. Up to now, four invention patents, 40 utility model patents and 5 software copyright registration have been obtained. At the same time, the enterprise undertook the project of innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the project of provincial industrial support. Many sets of products were identified as high-tech products and key new products of Jiangsu Province, and won many provincial and municipal prizes for scientific and technological progress and registration of achievements.
                                              三、Products and markets
                                             The company’s leading products are: YDTCW50KV-2250KV power frequency test transformer without partial discharge, 50KV-1000KV power frequency modulation series resonance complete set device, 540KV-1250KV SF6 gas insulation complete set test system, CJDY10KV-4800KV impulse voltage generator, and also produce frequency conversion series resonance test device, impulse current generation. Special transformers such as transformer, DC high voltage generator, compensation reactor, intermediate transformer, support transformer, etc. All of our products are new energy-saving products and fully adopt IEC International Electrical Standards.
                                             The company’s products have been developed in many domestic research institutes such as China Academy of Electric Power Sciences and its provincial electric power research institutes, China Southern Power Grid, Xi’an Institute of High Voltage Electric Appliances, Xi’an Xikai Electric Co., Ltd., State Grid Pinggao Electric Appliances, New Northeast (Shenyang) Electrical Appliances, Tianwei Baochang, West Power Transfer, Shanghai Siyuan Electrical Appliances, etc. And the successful operation of large and medium-sized enterprises. Shenghua Electric has been known by the international high voltage industry, and many world-renowned electrical equipment manufacturers have become our customers, such as:ABB, ALSTOM, TOSHIBA, HYUNDAY, ARTECHE and etc。

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